Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Three Kings Day and Cakes

Happy Three Kings Day!

I think the Three Kings Day tradition is so much more pleasant than the insanity that surrounds Christmas Day (or Christmas Eve for those of us who do the real candle on the tree thing). It makes sense, right? Celebrate the event in a solemn, reverent manner (or just eat a lot and sing songs while trying not to burn your hand on a dripping candle), ten exchange gifts that same day that the Three Wise Men showed up with their myrrh, gold, and frankincense. Besides, then you can still take advantage of all the great post-holiday sales. It's genius!

Today I fully intend to find a King Cake somewhere. I haven't ordered one; I haven't baked one; I haven't planned my search route yet. The photo at the top of this post is what I'm after. That's what I've seen most often around here. The photo just below is what I wish I could find. It's just so pretty, and it looks like it tastes like those yummy buns from 8th Avenue, but with a little less squish to it.

The cake shown last is what I saw in Spain. In fact, I grabbed the photo from this blog that describes the events occurring right about the time I type this out. Well, maybe two hours from now or so. If there is one thing the Spanish have down, it's their holidays. Semana Santa is CRAZY, especially in the south.

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