Thursday, February 26, 2009

One More Reason to Move Your Car on Time

Sure, a ticket and a neon sticker are painful and annoying, but here's another reason to move your car: the safety of your pedestrian neighbors. Why are these cars traveling on the sidewalk during rush hour? See below.

This person happened to be parked in the one space that blocked access when the oil truck came. Granted, these photos were taken at 8:31, and the two cars that had previously been honking and gesturing wildly from their windows were the first two to choose sidewalk travel. But at 8:50 this car is still sitting there (and it just got a ticket), and about 15 more cars chose to follow the sidewalk driving idea. The problem is that when someone sees another person do something, they don't always think it out. They sometimes will just jump in and imitate. One obnoxious driver even honked at a pedestrian on the sidewalk to get out of the way. Another looked like he hadn't even thought that people would be walking on the sidewalk and zoomed up only to have to stop short to avoid hitting a parent and child. Nice.

So, because some drivers are dangerously full of themselves and don't have time to wait (I know, it's stressful. I've been there many times behind trash trucks.), please move your car on time.

PS: In case anyone thinks that all these guys who deliver oil enjoy holding people in a line while they do their jobs, this guy had a few deliveries next door and he actually moved his truck up to let people pass, then moved it back. Good man.

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