Monday, February 9, 2009

Temporarily Out of Service = Long Wait at the Post Office

Just how long can temporary last?

The self service stamp machine at the 7th Avenue and 55th Street post office have been "temporarily out of order" (their words, not mine) for a long time now. Since the line is often practically out the door for mailing packages, the idea of standing in the hour long line can be too much if all you need is a stamp or two.

Is this the norm at all the post offices, or are we just super lucky? I know the few times that I've gone to the Bay Ridge PO on 5th Avenue and 89th, the mailing machine has worked just fine. The stamp machine is always well stocked.

At least we have some friendly post office employees. And, as the photo shows, at least the "out of order" machine keeps some of the kids who accompany their parents amused for a moment or two.

Other things that can keep you amused are watching people try to be slick and cut in front of you when they think you've dozed off, listen to your fellow line-waiters' ring-tones and conversations (You can't have a conversation yourself because of the very loud phone conversations around you.), glare at the guy behind you and make the "cover your mouth" sign when he coughs onto the child strapped to you, try to make eye contact with the postal employees behind the plastic wall, learn some Chinese, realize that none of the forms that are supposed to be available at the tables are actually available which means EVERYONE needs to get into line, or you can always just doze off. Be aware: Someone may try to cut in front of you.

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Orion said...

The post office at 51st and 12th has an (in-service) Automated Postal Center, so you can even mail packages without interacting with a human. And the walk there will always be shorter than the way it feels to even look at the line at 55th and 7th.