Sunday, March 22, 2009

Guest Post: Responding to Dog Poop

This comes from one of my daily stops in the world of blogs, and she's also a neighbor. Instead of just whining about careless or apathetic dog owners, she shares a couple of ways that her corner of Sunset Park deals with its frustration and annoyance towards this scourge on our sidewalks. Enjoy.

One problem we have in our little corner of Brooklyn is that dog owners don't always pick up their dog's poop. They leave it smack in the middle of the sidewalk so we have to maneuver our way with great care as we hike it around the neighborhood. I forget how much the fine is for it, I think $200 if caught. And people still do it!


It turns out this causes a bit of annoyance with many residents. I feel empathy, the few times it has happened in front of our house I have been a tad huffy myself. Also one time Sophia and I also watched from across the street as a lady looked around after her dog pooped on the sidewalk. It was obvious she was going to jet outta there, we made eye contact (accidentally on her part I'm sure) and then she whirled around and took off at a brisk pace the other direction. "Hey!", I yelled, "that's gross! Pick that up!" (I couldn't help it, the anger overpowered me.) The funny part of this story is that it turns out she lives close to me and since the incident we pass each other all the time. I can tell she recognizes Sophia and I too, she won't make eye contact. Ha ha! Too bad she doesn't know that in addition to my verbal abuse I also called 311 on her and gave them a detailed description of her and her two dogs.

Anyway, here are a couple of examples in our neighborhood of other people who struggle with some pent up animosity toward lazy dog owners.

(The other side of the tree had another sign (also weather proofed of course) that said, "Smile, you're being video taped!")

Next up...

Imagine you're walking to the park on 2nd and 55th with Sophia doing the park sign the whole way and freaking out with excitement, but something catches your eye instead of the upcoming oh so exciting park. "Hmmm...what does that piece of wood all surrounded by dog poop say?", you may be asking yourself?

Well if you slowed down to take a closer look you'd read this...

I hope it helps, dear neighbor.

(But if not, I thank you anyway.)


xinnamonbuns said...

I love that sign. I live up the block from there, and I can't even fathom how much this happens!! I want to put a sign out that says "Pick up after your dog, you shouldn't own one if you can't!" A bit snarky though, eh? lol.

Anonymous said...

I agree that dog owners should not own a dog if they can't take care of their dog. I am tempted to pick each of those dog poops and return them to the owner's front door, but I haven't cross this line yet. I hope that day never come.

Miss Heather said...

"I wtaching you @@ I make you eat okay... put it in front of your mother house."


Mancklin said...

I am a dog owner and I am just as infuriated as you by people who don't pick up after their dogs. I think you have to keep up the pressure and dog people in the area have to strive to build a community that will exert peer pressure.