Saturday, June 27, 2009

Our State Senator in Action

Our State Senator, Eric Adams, is annoyed with Governor Paterson for calling special sessions. In a June 25, 2009 NYT City Room article, Adams is reported to show up to demand the governor's signature.

from the article:

Two Democrats, Hiram Monserrate of Queens and Eric Adams of Brooklyn, arrived at the governor’s offices after lunch to demand that Mr. Paterson sign into law bills that the Democrats passed during Tuesday’s disputed special session, a move the governor has been unwilling to make because he fears the laws will be challenged in court.

Mr. Monserrate and Mr. Adams sharply criticized the governor for blaming the impasse on the Senate and suggested that if Mr. Paterson believed he had been right to call the special session, he should sign the bills into law.

It certainly sounds like the senators are blaming the Governor for the silliness going on. It also sounds like they resent the attempts to wrist-slap the senators into behaving. Strange, since in a June 22, 2009 letter to his constituents (us!), Adams says:

...we embrace the Governor’s call for a special session and support his choice of Justice Lippman to act as Presiding Officer. We also appreciate the willingness of former Lt. Governor Stan Lundine and former State Senator John Dunne to aid in negotiations.


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