Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sunset Park Matters

Since becoming a parent of two, I've been slipping on the housing issues in the area. And because I was never particularly crusader-like to begin with (nor was/am I especially knowledgeable about permits and zoning), that means my occasional calling out on developers has slowed to a trickle.

Luckily, Sunset Park Matters has photos and vivid commentary about a couple of my pet peeves in the area. One is the new hotel (?) going up and up and up on 39th and 5th. The other is the dead brownstone turned multi-unit/commercial building on 6th Avenue. They are far from unique right now. Building is booming. The blog asks for residents to document and send in examples of irresponsible development.

I'm not a fan of the strategies sometimes used in the postings and response to commenters; I think it turns more residents off than enrolls them in the issue. But I don't need to like it, I just need to read it and research what's said and respond to it. Besides, we need bullhorns these days to help us pay attention to issues around us. Check out the site.

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