Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Three Pedestrians Struck, One Killed on 4th Avenue

Updated with links below.

According to NBC:

Early this morning a black mini-van struck three pedestrians on 4th Avenue by 39th Street. One woman* was killed, and the two other pedestrians were taken to Lutheran Medical Center. The driver remained at the scene, so no charges were filed.

Walk carefully, drive carefully out there.

*It was a man, according to a commenter and other sources.

FoxNY has a short blurb. It states the driver has not been found; all other news sources say that the driver stayed and was questioned by police.

CBSTV has a lengthier article. It includes the group's destination: the 24 hour restaurant Los Tres Potrillos. Apparently, there are a lot of people out on 4th Avenue at 4:30 AM!


Anonymous said...

a man was killed not a female.

Minni said...

4th Avenue has always been a very dangerous place. And for some reason, people are very daring to run out in front of cars. I would think especially late at night, people would be more careful, knowing that many people have been hit through the years.