Monday, October 19, 2009

Grants Available for Block Beautification

I received this email from Nathan Cole of the non-profit called Citizens Committee for New York City. If you love your block, or if you think your block could use some love, check out the grant application to see if this could help you to beautify your public space just a little more. The deadline is November 30th, 2009. That's a good amount of time, but don't dilly-dally. With Thanksgiving in there right before the deadline, you don't want to get behind.

from the email:

We have a neighborhood beautification grant and services opportunity (Love Your (NYC) Block Grant Program) coming up that I feel your readers can benefit from. Below is a short write up of the grant and a link to our website. Please feel free to email me any questions that you may have. Any help with outreach and spreading the word is greatly appreciated.

Citizens Committee for New York City is pleased to announce a new block transformation grants program. Awardees will receive a $500 cash grant along with expedited support from city agencies for block improvements such as cleaning up a vacant lot, replacing worn out litter baskets, removing graffiti and replacing worn out street signs. The application can be downloaded at

The deadline for applications is November 30, 2009 . For more information, please contact Scott Codey at 212-822-9563 or or Alicia Rouault at 212-822-9558 or

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