Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday is for Limericks

Have no fear, I'll keep it clean. I'm feeling a tad saucy today, so I think a few goofy limericks are in order.

This one is from a very funny website called Mad Kane's Political Madness. It's run by Madeleine Begun Kane, and she writes the limericks as well!

Ode to John "You Little Jerk" McCain

Among John McCain's irksome quirks
Is his habit of calling guys jerks
For presenting a query
Of which John is leery --
Still less galling than George Dubya's smirks.

Here's one that shows her political leanings regarding the Democrats...

An Ode to Lefty Bloggers Who Hate Hillary Clinton

Obama supporters proclaim
That Clinton must quit, hurling blame,
Shrieking "Stop this damn fray!"
Dems love fighters, they say.
But not if the fighter's a dame.

I couldn't find anything half-way decent for Obama (which says more about Clinton supporters, I suppose). However, there is a video on YouTube that has been kind of popular. It gets cut-off at the end, but you get the idea.

There once was a man named Obama
Who said,"We have had enough drama."
The time is at hand
To vote for this man.
Please do it for me and your Momma.

Well, that did it for me. Finding just these few exposed me to far more silliness than I can handle on any given Monday.

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