Monday, April 21, 2008

Short Films at Light Industry

Ready for an evening out on a Tuesday? Has the film crew working hard in Sunset Park inspired you? Want to relive some funny clips that include Dubya (El Presidente)? Tomorrow night, Light Industry, a new place in Sunset Park to see film and art, is showing the following films:

Blue Christmas, David White, 16mm, 197?, 15 mins
My Love, Michel Auder, video, 1978, 6 mins
Trouble in Baghdad, 16mm, 1963, 7 mins
Ex, Jacques Monory, 16mm, 1968, 4 mins
Litany of Happy People, Karpo Godina, video, 1972, 15 mins
+ assorted television clips.

Tickets are $6, and Light Industry is located at 55 33rd Street - in Brooklyn, of course! Check out their website:

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