Monday, April 7, 2008

Power Plant Proposal Info

In case you aren't up on the neighborhood action regarding powering up the City, here's an update courtesy of The Brooklyn Eagle. It deals with an upgrade proposed for the 29th Street Pier Gowanus Generating Plant. According to the article, the plant is owned by the same company that owns the Narrows Generating Plant on 53rd Street and 1st Avenue. Considering the changes proposed, it's a good bet they are also planning upgrades to that plant in the future. The upgrades are described as "greener" clean energy. However, the use of "greener" and not just "green" makes me a little suspicious. If the output is going to increase, so will the side effects - or particle emissions. Yep, we breathe it in! Anyway, just an update in case you hadn't heard about it.

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