Monday, April 7, 2008

Sad Weekend for Sunset Park

Sunset Park had a rough weekend.

A father and son were struck by an SUV on Friday night while crossing 65th Street. The first article reported that the son was 19, the updated version changed his age to 11. The son was pronounced dead at Lutheran Medical Center. The father is in critical condition. The Daily News has a brief article.

A 19 year old high school student was fatally stabbed very early Sunday morning outside El Caviar Bar at 4210 3rd Avenue. Apparently, he was trying to break up a fight.
He also died at Lutheran Medical Center. Again, The Daily News has a brief article.

Lastly, and hopefully not as seriously, the Gothamist Map has a pedestrian struck at 48th Street and 15th Avenue on Sunday. Granted, it's not technically Sunset Park, but the pedestrian safety thing is close to my heart.

Don't forget, you can still sign the petition for stop sign installation around the actual park in Sunset Park. Here's the link.

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