Saturday, April 12, 2008

Two Very Different Op-Eds in today's NYT

Both want action from New Yorkers. The first one bestows the right to anger upon New Yorkers. Since I'm so self-absorbed, I always think of New Yorkers as those who reside within the confines of New York City. However, my guess is that the editorial board meant all of us who reside in NYS. Either way, we should be angry! Misuse of sex, money, and influence is rampant in our State Government!

It sounds like we need to call the efficient ladies at Sunset Park's Si Se Puede Women's Cooperative to give Albany a good scrub down. The editorial suggests finding decent candidates and supporting them. Read it in their words here. Pretty idealistic for the NYT pages; I guess the good weather lately has softened up the editors.

The second editorial that asks for your action is less seemingly insurmountable, but also demands dedication, either from your wallet or your vacation. It's about the Fresh Air Fund, which helps low-income urban kids experience rural or just out-of-city life for a couple of weeks during the summer. I've known a couple of kids who went through the program, and they RAVE about it. All this posturing about how "cool" and "tough" NYC kids really are falls apart when they are faced with jumping into a freezing lake or camping without a car or bathroom in sight. Especially for the kids that can experience this many years in a row, it's a life-altering experience. Universally (at least from my minor sample), the kids still want to live in the City, but they learn that "the country" is not all about hayseeds and manure (although that can factor in). Here's the site directly to the Fresh Air Fund.


Rachel said...

My goodness, I am loving this blog, Kristin! This feels like one stop shopping. I know most everything I read applies to me and my community! I LOVE the Fresh Air Fund. Davey and I met at an outdoor thereapy program for troubled youth called Anasazi - we are firm believers in the healing powers of good old nature. One of Davey's favorite youth he worked with was from NYC. Too bad he's in Ryker's Island prison now...not such a happy ending, but still, Anasazi sure couldn't have hurt him. It was an awesome place. Anyway, why I'm typing a NOVEL here, I don't know. I'll just chat with you soon in person!!!

Davey said...

When I worked with youth at Anasazi in Arizona there was judge here in NYC somewhere that used to love us. I don't really know how she knew about us but she sent us all these "tough" NY kids. It was wonderful to see them get to act like children for a little bit and to be free from pressure to behave in a certain way. By the way my young friend is out of Rikers now, so that's good.