Friday, April 11, 2008

Since Rain is Forecast Tomorrow

It hasn't rained yet today - at least not during the daylight hours. The air is thick with soggy air, so I'm sure it will come soon. In anticipation of the expected arrival, I chose a Daisy Zamora poem celebrating the joys of lots and lots of water splashing down from the heavens. Aptly enough, it's called "Downpour." (To find the entire text of the poem, skip down a bit.)

from "Downpour"

A fish in a fishbowl
I recall with envy the young girl who was
drenched and happy, jumping
mud puddles and ignoring calls
because later
my go-between great aunt
hidden from my grandfather
would dry my hair,
change my clothes,
clean the mud off my shoes.
And wrapped up in a bedspread
warm as love
I slept.

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