Friday, May 9, 2008

Brooklyn Blogfest 2008 Photoblogger Tribute

I didn't go. I'm not cool like that. However, seeing the cupcakes that were there makes me regret not going immensely. That, and it would have been good to ask people things like, "How do I get to put a video in a post?" I'm going to attempt to embed this video from Brooklyn Optimist (don't you love that name?) that highlights and honors the photobloggers of Brooklyn. Great stuff.


amarilla said...

what do you mean you're not cool like that? i think you might be very cool.

saucytart said...

if you're not cool like that, then i'm not cool like that either. but i went (with my beloved 9 year old in tow & so had to leave before we turned into punkins) and the cupcakes were everything and all that. i am doing red mango bakery cupcakes for my next special happening.