Saturday, May 10, 2008

It's My Park! Day - One Week Away

If you are a regular park goer, you tend to overlook major problems. You enjoy the rolling hills, the many shady trees, the opportunities for tostadas and ices, the diversity of fellow park-goers, and the amazing views. However, when you're there with a child, you can't do that. The broken glass is the biggest issue for me. A friend's toddler has ended up with some pretty broken glass in her mouth. Can't blame the kids. It's colorful and shiny and available. Unfortunately, it's a little too available.

Other joys of park going in Sunset Park are used diapers and condoms in the playground, occasional vomit from our resident imbibers, bottle-caps of all makes and models, and the ever-popular elote and bone combo. Thankfully, squirrels tend to really enjoy the elotes and bones, so those get cleaned up fairly regularly.

Well, get over yourself and get cleaning! Next week, all of us complainers and heavy-sighers can put our hands and knees where our mouths say we should be. "It's My Park! Day" is next Saturday (May 17) from 10 AM to 1 PM. I suggest that those who aren't directly involved in the Garden Club bring heavy gloves and plastic bags and go around cleaning up after those who choose to leave their good times behind. Of course, if you prefer gardening, go for it. But the less-popular cleaning up will need more energetic volunteers than the more overt beautification I would think.

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