Saturday, May 10, 2008

Limb Ripped Off Of Sunset Park Newcomer

In one of the most egregious acts of "anti-newcomer" behavior we've seen in recent Sunset Park events, a transplant to Sunset Park has been violated in a public and wanton manner.

The little tree you see pictured showed up during the planting blitz we had a couple of months back. It looked more like a divining stick than a viable candidate for growth, and I wondered if we'd see leaves once spring arrived.

It has persevered; leaves are indeed sprouting and thriving. However, one-third fewer leaves will be seen due to the violence exacted upon this stubborn survivor. One of its three limbs was ripped off a few days ago. Even before buds could appear, the tree was attacked and forced to continue on with one less arm.

What goes through the mind of someone who chooses to remove a living arm from a neighbor? Is it a need to take aggression out on something that can't fight back? The feral cats might scratch you or pee on you. The corner drunks will surely bestow some sort of fluid on you. So what do you do? You choose the smallest, most pathetic looking tree within a ten block walk and you tug and pull (because even if you thought it was dead, once you attempted to pull off the limb you'd know there was still life in there) and eventually lacerate the defenseless, adolescent tree. Congratulations. Do you feel like a tough guy now?
Here's the end result:

Despite (or perhaps because of?) the abuse tolerated at the hands of some hooligan, this tree has managed to push out lots of buds and leaves in just a few days. Check out the gorgeous red and green shoots below.

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annulla said...

Poor little tree! Glad to see that, like many newcomers, it is putting down roots in Brooklyn and beginning to thrive.

Blather From Brooklyn