Monday, June 30, 2008

Collection of Mini-Stories

1. The Post reports that a Falun Gong member was assaulted in Sunset Park:

The Brooklyn DA is seeking hate-crime charges against a Chinatown man who attacked a Falun Gong practitioner with a steering-wheel locking device. Victor Yau, 60, is accused of smashing software engineer John Yu, a devotee of the controversial Chinese spiritual movement, in the hand on June 15 in Sunset Park. The clash followed weeks of simmering unrest between Falun Gong practitioners and critics in the city's Chinese-American communities.

2. posts that the funny-looking office building (just up the block from the GreenWalk condos) with confusing "smoker balconies" is finally ready for leasing.

3. Sunset Park doesn't seem to have any problem renting out apartments, even for a fairly attractive penny. This apartment, posted on June 27th and available for viewing on the 28th, has already been rented out. Of course, the infamous condos of 46th Street are still available for rent/for sale.

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