Monday, June 30, 2008

Lend Me Wire Cutters, Please.

The photos show today's condition of the fence outside the Sunset Park Playground entrance. The photos don't do it justice. You can't make out the spiky ends and sharp, curled tentacles waiting for an eager child to pass by.

Just about two weeks ago I made my first complaint about the "fence" at the back entrance to the playground in Sunset Park. I was met with concern and creased brows and frowns about the situation. "Oh yes, that's a problem. Yeah, that's a safety issue." Sadly, not enough of one to prompt action.

Another concerned caretaker joined me in speaking to a Parks worker today about the hazard. She said that we should report it to 311 because they have to call in outside people to take care of it. Now, I know what City agencies can be like. Really, I do. I know that some people have to do some jobs and other people have to do other jobs. It's not just the City; it's all sorts of systems that are set up to "protect jobs and workers." It one person fixes the fence, that means that someone else doesn't get to have that on his "to do" list and maybe now he's not necessary anymore. You know what? I don't care! I want some action! (And not the kind that Lady Saw was talking about.)

Anyway, that's what I was hoping for this morning when I called 311 to report (again) about the destroyed but dangerous fence outside the Sunset Park playground entrance. It used to be a fence to help grass grow - a less than successful endeavor. However, it has been very successful as a safety hazard. The operator told me that it takes up to 14 days for service requests to go through. Anyone have wire cutters that I can borrow?

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