Monday, June 30, 2008

State of the Sunset Park Playground

Here's what the latest weekend of downpours did to the Sunset Park playground:

Gowanus Lounge has an update on the condition of the "next to and a part of LICH" playground (it's two, actually, isn't it?). Some equipment is in disrepair, and there is trash in the usual collection sites (corners, under benches, in the bushes). The photos look a little old, so if the shown items are still broken, that's pretty pathetic on the part of upkeep. Also, the complaints about stagnant water bubbling up with each step on the rubber tiles are pretty gross. And happily, we only have lots of squirrels and pigeons; they seem to keep away the rats. However, while broken equipment and putrid water is of concern, definitely, the trash doesn't look as delicious as ours usually does. No adult diapers, or baby diapers, for instance. And nothing like this very well enjoyed corn husk:

A commenter on GL pointed out that parents could organize a group of volunteers (like Carroll Park has) to stay on top of major concerns and show active interest in the condition of the playground. Another suggestion is to call 311 to report specific condition issues. Unfortunately, LICH has so many money issues plaguing it lately that I doubt it will step up concerning the playground unless it has to. The parents will need to be active, and they might even need to get their hands dirty. Ewww! 311 can be a long telephone call, but sometimes it actually prompts action. I have made my morning call to 311 (see next post), now it's someone else's turn.

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