Monday, June 30, 2008

Light Industry Screens 2004 "Race to the White House" Activism

On July 1st, at 8 PM, Light Industry's Tuesday evening presentations continue with a show curated by musician and visual media curator Nick Hallett. Its title is borrowed from Paul Simon's gift to Leonard Bernstein for 1971's Mass: "Half of the People Are Stoned and the Other Half Are Waiting for the Next Election." The presentation is described as "a screening of activism-oriented video, performance documentation, and new media from 2004." As always, it costs $6, and it runs approximately 80 minutes.

The description follows:

This collection of work from four years ago offers itself as something of a time capsule, although not enough time has passed for true nostalgia to set in. Yet the 2008 election is playing itself out very differently than its predecessor. Without a concrete enemy to inspire rage, Americans--artists included--seem to be placing their faith in the system and its candidates. But how different is our country's situation? Aren't we even worse off than
four years ago?

For the full list of the works included, go to

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