Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fifth Avenue Gets Some Love A La Carte

Barbacoa y Consomme de Chivo is number six on yesterday's Daily News' list of "Great Street Eats," and even though it's only on the weekends, it has a very loyal following. Of course, you have to love goat to enjoy the best dishes. Try it out and let this vegetarian know how it was.

from the article:

6. Brooklyn's Barbacoa Y Consomme de Chivo: This blue wooden booth in the Hispanic nabe of Sunset Park draws lines and praise on sites like for its consomme, or big bowls of goat broth, plus barbacoa (roast goat) tamales, tacos and other Mexican treats. Most are just a few dollars. Weekends only at Fifth Ave. and 46th St., Brooklyn, no phone

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