Thursday, June 19, 2008

Community Board 7 Meeting (partial rundown)

Sadly, I had to leave at 8 PM, so if anyone heard the public comments, and if there was anything of interest, please send the information along to bestviewinbrooklyn (at)

While waiting for a quorum (attained at 6:50 PM), Randy Peers called up all interested residents to streamline the process. My concerns (stop signs for around the park and the recent gunpoint muggings) were referred to Jeremy Laufer, the district manager, and since he wasn't there, he'll be getting some emails/calls some time today or tomorrow.

Peers then had a couple of presenters give announcements (still pre-quorum). Here's what they had to say:

From the DOT: The Hamilton Avenue Bridge repairs will cause new lane configurations on June 28th, and the construction will (hopefully) be finished by August 31st.

From the GreenMarket people: The Sunset Park GreenMarket will begin on July 12 and continue through most of November. It will open at 8 AM and continue through 3 PM. The GreenMarket is located at the same place as last year: 4th Avenue and 59th Street. They will accept food stamps, and some of the stands will accept WIC. All of the farmers will be local (500 miles), from NYS and NJ. Call 212 788 7476 or visit for more information.

From CB7: There are six new board members. Three new members were present: A lifelong SP resident, Glorisbel Garcia. She is a co-founder of Voices in Power New York, Inc., and she is attending law school; John Carollo, the Commerce Bank manager for the 4th Avenue and 39th Street branch; John Fontillas, a SP resident, an architect, and an adjunct professor at NYU. Not bad: Law, Money, and Development. And there are three more new members to contribute their expertise.

Once quorum was reached, the agenda began. The first report was from Julie Stein-Brockway, the co-director of the Center for Family Life. But tonight she was reporting on the new Sunset Park High School. SPHS has been granted the right to have just one principal with three small learning environments. This constitutes a huge savings in administration costs, and it will allow for a more cohesive community in the school. The new school will be associated with the Institute for Student Achievement. She reported that construction is on schedule, and that the school will open in the fall of 2009. The Sunset Park High School is NOT included in the "big book of schools" that all the current 7th graders took home this week, so spread the word: Sunset Park High School is an option! There will be three groups of 100 9th graders accepted. In addition, 75-100 10th graders will be admitted. A principal has been selected from a large pool, although Ms. Stein-Brockway could not give out HER name. We do know that she is a former principal who now works with the NYC Leadership Academy. Sunset Park has waited a long, long time to have its own school. Hopefully the enthusiasm and hard work of the development team will come to fruition intact.

The Buildings Committee reported on several sites, including 325 20th Street, which has an on-going investigation by the DOB, 562 62nd Street, 1216 Prospect Avenue, and 162 16th Street, where residents of the new condominiums have complained of water damage and black mold - already! Attendees brought up issues regarding 318 52nd Street, which has had a stop work order for months, and youngsters are using the wide open lot as a playpen. Another woman bemoaned the destroyed 6th Avenue brownstones.

The Education Committee just wanted to remind everyone that the Brooklyn Prospect Charter school, set to open in fall 2009 with sixth graders, is open to ALL of district 15 - including Sunset Park! Students and families can find out more and apply here. A location has not yet been set, but since a partner is BAM, chances are it will be up near that area.

The Health and Mental Health Committee is putting together a resource directory for caregivers to the mentally challenged. It will include a listing of services like in-home hair care (and at least two attendees offered to help out with that) and podiatry. This committee has decided to work and meet through the summer, so kudos to them!

The Land Use Committee voted to support the application of a voting machine storage company at 5112 2nd Avenue. There will be no parking lost on the street due to this company; in addition, all loading will take place on their property, not on the street.

And then it was 8 PM. Can anyone give more details regarding the later developments? Any corrections/additions can be sent to bestviewinbrooklyn (at) yahoo (dot) com. Thanks.


ccgh said...

the minutes from the meeting should be published in the next 2 weeks. Stop by and inquire with the District Mgr.

Thanks for the coverage!

-CB7 member

Anonymous said...

Your coverage of the CB7 meeting is so important. You are promoting community development and we all owe you a great big thank you!