Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's About Time: 46th Street "can't sell 'em" Condos turn Rental

I may be a little behind on this, but I haven't gone up 46th Street for a while. But anyway, The New York Times Real Estate listing finally has the weird, skinny-looking layout condos on 46th between 5th and 6th Avenues listed as rentals. For just $2100, you can rent a two bedroom/two bath "condo wannabe" in trendy Sunset Park. Just up the block from La Salsa de Hoy, you can enjoy a common roof deck and separate bathrooms from your roommate(s) or loved ones. Pets are allowed. They really, really want to get some money back from this building.

Make sure you get a two-year lease, however. The duplex apartments, and one smaller apartment, are still listed for sale. They run from $514K to $529K plus condo fees. Check out the largest unit here.


LizD said...

I've watched the realtors flood the papers and craigslist with ads for these apartments. The apartments are like the awkward kid at the middle school dance who can't get anyone to dance with them...just once. Whaddya expect when they're asking 200K more than most of the apts in the neighborhood are going for.

Anonymous said...

Because of unbelievable greed on the part of the developer (Port Realty) they are now desperate for anyone to move into a rediculously reconstructed condo. They want over $500,000 for a condo with a kitchen the size of a public bathroom stall. Has anyone seen the back yard? A door leading out from the Master Bedroom? Makes no sense, everyone would have to go through the master bedroom to access the yard? Nice to have all those people treking through your bedroom. This is why its not selling, and probably won't rent either.