Sunday, June 22, 2008

Everyone Calls Me the Shark

My Spanish is anything but polished, but I think we're missing a letter N in the middle.

However, that's not what drew me to this cake. At first I thought it was a mermaid, but then I realized it was just a naked lady in a netted sheath. I only took one photo, but there's also a little man inside the shark's mouth. This is such a fun cake - so much better than Sponge Bob and Dora and Mickey. It's in the window of Angel's Bakery at 39th and 5th. You can get a decent croissant with cheese there. For my cravings, however, I prefer La Gran Via's Pan de Zanahoria. The one without the frosting. So good. They also hand out samples once in a while. Even better!


saucytart said...

divertidísimo! I love this cake. I love that you knlow where to get this cake. It's perfect.

Rachel said...

What the heck? That is hilarious. Does it say "Congratulations Mommy" on it????"

Sunset Park Autonomous Zone said...

I too saw this cake this weekend and did a double take. Yes it lacks an "n" after llama but who cares.
Here's to small businesses and originality.