Friday, June 13, 2008

Free Condoms from Trojan Today (and any day from NYC and Lifestyles)

Okay, so this isn't a Sunset Park issue in particular, but as a high school teacher, it's something close to my heart. When I taught Human Sexuality, it became abundantly clear that condoms were considered uncool, at least that was the public opinion. But you know what's even more uncool? Having to explain sores and smelly discharge and other fun developments to your intimate associate(s) - or worse, having to explain why your intimate associate (or more) now has said developments. When girls, in particular, asked me questions privately, it seemed like they wanted to use condoms, but they allowed the boys to convince them that they "knew what they were doing" and that they "were clean." So gullible, so trusting, so unsure. And it's not limited to teenage girls either. Get over it, people! If you want to play, use the right toys. And use them correctly. Maybe it's time for a Prophylactic Workshop at the Rec Center.

With the opening of Babeland in Brooklyn (lots of choices there for all sensations), and with the recent report about New York City's Herpes Problem, there's no reason not to take advantage of the free (and affordable) options. Here is a free one: NYC gives them out. And just for today, here's another free option from Trojan:

Friday, June 13: 7:00 AM – 10:00 AM
Atlantic Terminal (Brooklyn)
Friday, June 13: 11:30AM – 3:00

Borough Hall (Brooklyn)

Trojan will also send a free sample, if you wish.

Gothamist has full information about today here.


Rachel said...

That's awesome! I'm going to call and try to make Davey stop at one of these places and get some free condoms! I don't know why I can't make myself do it, I feel so silly being shy about it, but it is just Davey's job every time. I'm all about free ones though, condoms are expensive! Why the heck doesn't Healthplus give them to me for free? They charge $500 for an IUD, will give the b/c pills for free (but I can't/won't take them I'm nursing), and will give the shot, (but everyone knows it's bad for you and is on it's way out), but they won't give free condoms - probably the cheapest of all the options for them! HM. I'd send away for the free one for Trojan since that would indulge my shyness factor, but then they'd send me junk mail twice a week and sell my address to crappy companies that would send me junk mail and before you know it I'd have killed two whole trees for one free condom.

The dilemmas that come with being poor/frugal/shy... :)

Manny said...

Luckily-- I was a teenage girl stuck in the middle of punk rock, AIDS and Madonna---

Anyone who didn't want to use condoms during that time was the trashy idiot...

(this is priscilla... my boyfriend is logged in and I am too lazy to log out)