Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sunset Park Resident Has Had It

Do a lot of residents have to deal with all these problems? I think that this person may have incredibly bad luck when it comes to choosing which neighbors to settle in with. She (I'm not sure about the gender, but I'm guessing) said she's had to deal with: harassment while walking her dogs, slashed tires, keyed doors, arguing over parking spaces and loud music, sanitation tickets due to passersby adding to the trash, and today - the kicker - someone throwing unknown edible material into her yard...and her dog ate whatever it was.

Check out the Brownstoner link for the details and an unusually calm bunch of commentary.


Anonymous said...

Yup, all that and a whole lot more. Add to the list bullets being pryed from your front stoop by NYPD detectives, house parties that go until 5am with music loud enough to be heard 2 blocks away, corner crack dealerships ( convienently located on the same block as Sarah Gonzales office ), and just a slew of rude, violent, and obnoxious people. I'm surprised no one has mentioned the most corrosive thing I remember about the nabe, that is the endless racket from car radios with subwoofers. This makes it impossible to open the windows from about april on until october.

Are there good people in SP? Sure, and still are. But the whole nabe changed around 2000 or so when the market first pooped out and the gangs started really taking hold. I got out of dodge last year, after about 11 years. I'm really curious about your experience, bloggette. What brought you to SP?

BTW, it must be said, if you're considering SP as a place to live, avoid the west side. Even though all the housing stock is better there, you'll be far happier on the east side. That little china-town on 8th ave has been ( and still is ) a magical place. Plus, you'll need to eat fresh veggies and that's where you'll find them.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what anonymous 1 is talking about. I live on the west side (since 2004) and it's lovely. Mostly families, people who work for a living, lots of kids. Sure, sometimes there are loud parties, but it sure isn't the gang war zone that anonymous describes. Maybe 2000 was a long time ago?

Anonymous said...

hmmm...anonymous three agrees with anonymous two..I have been living here for about 6 months....I am harassed repeadtly while I walk to and from the subway (every single day and I am wearing very non-suggestive clothes))...usually I am hissed out...have other sexual noises made at me...i have been called a white bitch twice...
There are things I love about this neighborhood, and sometimes I do feel lucky to live here...but this is wearing me out...who wants to put up with sexism and racism?