Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sunset Park's Bahn Mi in The Voice - Again.

Food, food, food, and more food. That's what Sunset Park is made of. The Village Voice has the latest article about Sunset Park's offerings - and once again my favorite place for a sandwich and Lemon Ice gets attention.

From the Voice's article:

Walk north up Eighth and you'll come to Ba Xuyen, where you can find the best banh mi in the neighborhood (barely surpassing Tan Thanh's). There are also tasty salad rolls and fried spring rolls, and, in the self-serve warmer, you might strike it lucky and find banh beo—tiny, jiggly steamed-rice cakes, with various savory or sweet toppings. The other day, the cakes were crowned with a small dollop of mashed mung bean, fried shallots, dried shrimp, and ground peanuts.

The prices of most of Ba Xuyen's drinks and breakfast sandwiches went up recently, but the Bahn Mi prices stayed consistent at $3.50. I'm glad for the businesses that they are getting all this attention, but I'm not so glad for my rent. I'm also not so glad because the lines have gotten a lot longer in the last five years. Hmph. Still, in the off-hours, it's not much of a wait.

I'm surprised that the Tortas on 4th and 5th haven't gotten much attention. Granted, they are more expensive and not as big. For $5 at Don Paco Lopez (47th and 4th) you get a great sandwich, but for $5 at Ba Xuyen you get a great sandwich AND a Lemon Ice. Mmmmmm. Still, either way it's cheap.

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