Saturday, July 19, 2008

Brooklyn Pools Reviewed: Sunset is "Rough" and "Salty"

The Daily News has a run-down of Brooklyn (and Staten Island) pools in its July 18th edition. The best pool for smaller kids is the Bushwick Houses pool, and the cleanest one (and it's actually really great for kiddies too) is the Douglass and Degraw pool. How was the Sunset Pool rated?

No big surprise:

The best qualities were the view atop our hill and that "it's a great place to take a dip after a barbecue or volleyball game." No mention of the Olympic size of the pool or the water temperature or the ramp that allows for easy access into the pool with children. No mention of the sand volleyball court in the pool area that seems to be free a good amount of time.

* FYI: Barbecues are not allowed in Sunset Park, although they are sometimes overlooked by the enforcers. Also, it's tough to get volleyball time at the courts due to an extremely regular bunch of players.

There is lost of Room to Improve, according to The Daily News. The first is that you have to wear a suit to the pool (and bring a padlock!) because there is no actual space for changing. Okay, that's a pain, but not too bad. Also, I suppose if you're not too self-conscious, you can just change on your gender's specified side. For the babes (age, not looks), it certainly is fine. More relevant to people who go for relaxation or who bring kids is the amount of "roughhousing teenagers whose behavior and language can be as salty as the ocean." I love that the writer used "salty." On the upside, I suppose that could make pool-goers feel like they've had a day at the beach. On the downside, sensitive ears and - I think, more importantly - safety concerns need to be addressed at the pool more effectively.

A bonus mention of the Sunset Pool comes courtesy of one of the Red Hook staff members. Apparently, one (life guard?) called over the loudspeaker "If you don't like the rules, then you can go to Sunset Park!" Nothing like supporting your colleagues. I wonder how the staff at Sunset enjoys being called out (literally) by a fellow pool employee?

Check out the entire pool review here.

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Anonymous said...

Are there any managers who actually work at the Sunset Park pool? I remember going as a kid, and it was well run with no problems (mid 80's) Now as an adult, I read things like this and wonder why this pool is still open. If people can't behave, then its time to move on. Besides, I don't like the fact that people from outside the neighborhood come over to Sunset Park to cause problems. Do we really need an attraction for vagrants and scum?