Saturday, July 19, 2008

Then and Now: St. Jacobi Evangelical Lutheran Church

Several months ago, I discovered (thanks to my better half) the Brooklyn Library's very cool collection of photographs from around Brooklyn. So, once in a while, and when I get decent photos from around the neighborhood, I'll try to do a version of a "Then and Now" comparison for Sunset Park. The first one, only because my photo of PS 169 didn't come out, is of 4th Avenue and 54th Street, looking at St. Jacobi Evangelical Lutheran Church. It hasn't actually changed that much, except for the gate and the new red multi-lingual sign. Enjoy.

This is stamped 1914. Notice it's also when Sunset Park was still considered Bay Ridge.

This is July 2008. Not much different. Even the size of the tree is more or less the same.

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Anonymous said...

Each week I post a then & now photo of Sunset Park in the free weekly paper - El Barrio.

For a year I did a similar weekly posting for the Sunset News....

if you ever want to use my pix, just let me know. I can also give you some input on historic background, if you'd like. I hosted the Boro President's Brooklyn History Fair and I was the chair of the Sunset Park Historic Society.

tony (