Monday, July 28, 2008

For Tuesday: Light Industry Presents "out site with the others"

As always, shows at Light Industry begin at 8 PM and tickets are $6 at the door. Get on up to the third floor at 55 33rd Street.

This Tuesday's show features an international eclectic mix of artists. From the email:

The summer is all about the outdoors and outdoor activities. In the program out site with the others, artists who traveled there send out insights, views and instructions on how to face reality, when suddenly enveloped by the outside and forced to be guided by the others. The program explores how these artists navigate the distance and communicate in these surroundings.

Lo-Fi Green Sigh, Kristin Lucas, video, 2004

Zwischenzeit - Suedrand (Interim Time °© Southern Outskirts), Annette Goedde/Arnold von Wedemeyer, video, 2007

OYMA (Outstanding Young Men of America), Michael Smith, video, 1996

EXCHANGE PROGRAM:GALACTICA / LIFESPACE, Torsten Zenas Burns, video, 2002

Testfahrt 2, Harry Sachs and Franz Hoeffner, video, 2002
Venice by car.

King, Olaf Breuning, video, 2000

tests of courage, eteam, video stream, 2008

The Meadow, Bjørn Melhus, video, 2007

Final Tour, Jill Magid, video, 2004

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