Sunday, July 27, 2008

Clearance Sale at El Pequeno Artista this Week

Get while the getting's good!  There are some really great items available at El Pequena Artista on 20th Street and 5th Avenue.  They have Spanish Language books, handmade colored pencils, puppets, decorations, some really cool instruments, and various other toys/items appropriate for all ages of children (and adults!).  

from the director's email:

El Pequeno Artista needs the space taken by the retail area in the studio for camp-related activities and storage.  So we are selling EVERYTHING!  Come this week and take advantage of the major discounts (25%, 50%, and up to 75%) on our hand-made toys from Latin America, books in Spanish, instruments, etcetera.

Our schedule this week (July 28 - August 1) for this clearance is:
Monday 11-4
Tuesday 11-4
Wednesday 10-6
Thursday 11-4
Friday 10-1

Hope to see you there!

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