Friday, July 25, 2008

Sunset Farmer's Market tomorrow - bring cash if you've got it

Don't forget about the Farmer's Market on 4th Avenue and 59th/60th tomorrow. It's open at 8 AM and goes on until 5 PM. I highly suggest checking out the white nectarines, basil, and the sweet corn. Mmmmmm.

Although it's known as a "Coupon Market" due to the large numbers of people who utilize EBT/WIC/Farmer's Market coupons, the vendors are very grateful for cash sales. Also, because of the high volume of benefits, which are for fruits and vegetables only, other items like eggs and dairy products don't come to this market. When I spoke to the EBT representative, she said that the more people who come with cash, the better chance there will be of getting vendors to bring things that can't be bought with the coupons.

Another alert for some who may not know: Anyone receiving WIC benefits has the added benefit of getting $24 worth of Farmer's Market coupons to use until the end of the season. It's $24 per household. It's wonderful that the benefits system is finally getting its act together with fresh fruits and vegetables. So much better than the cheaper canned/frozen alternatives. While $24 won't get you a lot, it can certainly supplement other purchases.


Rachel said...

Just fyi, we went the day they opened at 4 and they were all packed up and gone, the icee man said they left at 3.

And I had a WIC appt this week and was told that the Farmer's Market checks are "first come first served". From w hat I could gather that means they do not have enough for everyone so if your appt. happens to fall within the time frame that they have checks then you are a lucky one. I was lucky, so that's nice for me! :)

lizzie b said...

Rexcroft Farm, the vendor that is usually set up the furthest south in the row (at the corner of 4th Ave. and 60th St.) actually DOES have eggs.

They are kept in a cooler under one of the tables, and you usually have to have to ask for them, but they're there! Yum.

BestViewInBrooklyn said...

Great! Thanks for the tip.

samnyc said...

Thanks for posting about the farmers market! Cash is most welcome at the market but I forgot to mention that we also accept Mastercard/VISA and EBT/Food Stamps. If you want to use your credit card/debit or EBT card just find me - I'm easy to spot in a yellow shirt - and I can swipe your card and give you tokens that you can use like cash at any of the 4 farm stands.

And thanks for pointing out that Rexcroft does sell eggs and honey, too!

Hope to see you at the market. Every week the bounty from each farm grows and grows and gets more colorful too!

Did you see the fresh cranberry beans Angel Growers was selling last week!? They were beautiful!

Thanks so much,

Stacey - the Sunset Park Farmers Market Manager