Thursday, July 3, 2008

Lost Dog - posted in the 50's and 7th Avenue

Lots of lost dogs out there. My cynical self always thinks the worst...since most of them are of the small sort. Here's the info:

Type: Shih-Tzu
Name: Fay Jai
Weight: 8 lbs.
Age: Just 8 months old
Color: White with spots of brown

Last seen on 7th and 50th. The dog wears a baby blue collar with a "D"
The numbers are on the poster. Click on the picture if you can't see it well.

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Helping-pets said...

The owners of these pets should really look into a service called It a very proactive service that sends an alert poster out to all shelters, vets, rescues, municipalities and members in the area where the pet has gone missing. This program is pretty amazing because it works with or without the microchip.