Sunday, July 6, 2008

Proposal Presentation for Sunset Park Academy

On July 8th, the District 15 Community Education Council will be hearing presentations for new charter schools in the district. One of the proposed charter schools is for the Sunset Park area (although all CSD 15 students can apply to any CSD 15 charter schools).

The meeting is at 131 Livingston Street, room 610; it will take place on July 8th at 7 PM.
(6 PM begins the working session for Council members. Residents are welcome to sit-in.)

For additional information:
Phone: 718 935-4267 Fax: 718 935-4356

Here is some information about the proposed Sunset Park Academy:

Proposed Charter School: Sunset Park Academy
- a New York City Charter School Preferred Community: CSD 15 - Brooklyn
Authorizer: NYCDOE
Full Grades (year 1 grades): K-8 (K-2)
Full Enrollment (year 1 enrollment): 612 (180)
Institutional/Management Partner: Imagine Schools Inc
Lead Applicant: Joyce Mattera
Lead Applicant Contact Info:
Proposed Launch Date: 2009-10 School Year
Summary of Educational Program: The mission of the Sunset Park Academy is to create a unique learning experience in which parents, students, teachers and other school staff interface to educate pupils to high academic standards, giving them relevant knowledge for the present, hope for the future, and the impetus to become responsible citizens and the leaders of tomorrow. We will partner with the national charter school operating company of Imagine Schools, using their curriculum, which is aligned with the 11 subject areas and 28 learning standards of New York State to achieve this mission.

Our education program will:
*Address Student Lack of Academic Ability, allowing students to make choices related to learning (writing topics and real-world projects) to help them see they can influence their academic success.
*Provide Supporting Behaviors that Lead to Success in School by demonstrating to students that success is based on practice and hard work that attains high academic standards.
*Build Support Systems Related to Education where school staff, mentors, families and community members will partner to build a culture where it is ok to learn and succeed. *Establish a culture where building student character is stressed, infusing shared values such as honesty, justice, integrity, hope, and respect into learning.
*Support strong Family/Community involvement by forging deep connections with our families, school, and service providers, maintaining regular communication, making home visits and welcoming them into the school.
*Define and Structure Success, by establishing clear classroom management and learning processes so students understand what is expected of them and become more independent academically and organizationally.
*Create an economically sustainable school that can continue to educate children over the long run.

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