Friday, July 4, 2008

Luxury Rental (available for sale as well) Surrounded by Homey Details

I believe in telling the whole story. At least as I see it. On the surface, well, on paper, the condos on 46th between 5th and 6th (what are they called? Nondos?) that are also up for rent sound great! "Sunny duplex with access to yard" and "laundry and storage available in the building" and the landlord is even willing to put in any type of flooring the tenants want. Wow! Three bedrooms, two full baths, new appliances...all for just $3400. I'm not making it up. Check it out on Craigslist and in the NYT.

I thought I'd help out prospective buyers/renters with some additional photos of the neighboring buildings and the view from the front of the building. So, what do you get for $3400 per month in rent or for $529k.

Here's the neighboring building. Notice the welcoming sign in the window.

And here is the view across the street from your half a million dollar condo (or $3400 rental).


Anonymous said...

My two bedroom brownstone apt was 1000 a month when I left in 2007, and even at that price I thought it a bit high to deal with the nabe. That pile of garbage is sort of iconic; you'll see it again and again as you walk around.

So how were the fireworks? I took to going down to my wifes office at dumbo to see it up close, but I can remember a few times getting lazy and just walking up to the Sunset Park proper and taking it in from there.

BestViewInBrooklyn said...

The following was left as a comment, but it contained an imperative that I found distasteful.

"So there's garbage in front of the buildings for pick up? And? What is your point? Don't understand your pictures, and what you're trying to convey. Are you really that stuipid (sic)? *removed imperative including expletive.*"

To answer the questions: 1. Yes, there is garbage in front for pick up. 2. And it's unattractive and improperly put out. 3. My point is that it's all about location, location, location. I picked that up from sales/rental ads. 4. I don't know what makes that in indicator of my stupidity or intelligence.

I can only guess that the commenter might be the owner or realtor or someone who just signed the lease.

Anonymous said...

I read the below comment and I think I know what the person was implying. When you use pictures to portray a point of view, you are pretty much saying so much, without saying it outright. So when I see the pictures in question, I see how you were trying to portray your point, however, it sounds and looks misleading. I walk past this block everyday, and I must say, it NEVER looks like this. I have lived in Sunset Park for 31 years now, and I think it is a wonderful neighborhood. There is a reason why there is investment in this neighborhood. I don't know if you were around this neighborhood during the 80s. It was a tough place to be. If you're going to to blog about this neighborhood, then maybe you should be a little more responsible to address ALL sides, and not just throw people under the bus unfairly. Do you live on 46 street? I do, (bet 6 & 7 ave) and its nothing like what you are trying to lead people to believe.

Anonymous said...

You must really not like the condos, not the first time you featured them on this blog. Isn't there anything else we can focus on? We get the point. I was wondering, have you spoken to the developer to find out what they were thinking when they decided to try to "re-invent" this neighborhood with an ill advised conversion?

BestViewInBrooklyn said...

I have to disagree with the anonymous comment about this block of 46th Street never looking like this. While this was a particularly amusing day (considering the bashed in gate with the orange cone and the piled up mattresses - including two other piles that I left out of photos), this block often has a lot of issues relating to trash and behavior.

And as to addressing all sides of the neighborhood, if you've bothered to look at other posts (which, being a small, no advertising hobby might not appeal to a large group) you'll quickly see that the vast majority of posts are positive and feature lots of events and items in the neighborhood.

To avoid repeating myself in an additional comment, the same goes to the third anonymous comment. Yes! There's lots more to focus on. And no, I haven't spoken to the developer; however, I find the prices for both sales and rental offensive. These types of developments, in a neighborhood where the median income hovers at less than 35k, pushes long-time renters out and exacerbates animosity and frustration.

I think it's fair game to point out the foibles of a developer who was hoping to make some quick money off of sales in an "up and coming neighborhood" - especially when those sales have become rentals due to misguided choices.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a heated debate huh? These condos look nice, but financing has pretty much dried up. It has become close to impossible to secure a mortgage, especially for condos. Banks are adamant about 20% down payments, excellent (and I mean excellent) credit history, and they also want to make sure the property being mortgaged is an excellent value. Foreclosures are up sharply in Sunset Park, which means families are being thrown out onto the streets. These apartments won't sell because people really can't afford to buy these kinds of properties with a mortgage. All cash deals are now the way to go, and who really has that kind of cash?

Anonymous said...

This block has always stood out when compared to its neighboring blocks... And not in a good way. Anyway, Sunset Park is a great neighborhood either way.

Anonymous said...

This block is no different than many other blocks. This is the reason Sunset Park residents don't like the fake people moving in. If you don't like it, say the hell out of our neighborhood. This is so annoying to hear people who obviously want to live in Park Slope but can't afford to come over to Sunset Park and cry about how there aren't enough coffee houses and book stores. Just shut up.

Anonymous said...

Hey, why don't you take a picture when there isn't any garbage? How convinient. Just an FYI, the buildings being shown are on the verge of being sold for a cool $6.25 million.

stillinsunset said...

I just found this blog thanks to curbed and I don't get what all the pissed off reaction is to this post. It's talking about the high cost of the rental and the condo price compared to the area. I don't usually agree with what bloggers write about when it comes to real estate, but it's right on this time. If not they would have sold months ago.

Sounds like the second comment was right. Maybe it is one of the realtors commenting as anonymous.

Carla said...

So your point is that you don´t get good stuff for little money? i may have to disagree on that but if we talk of other countries. I travelled to Argentina last year and I noticed that people who want to rent apartments in buenos aires  only pay USD 600 per month and they get incredible penthouses. There are also duplex for rent that cost the same as an apartment but these have all new furniture and appliances. They even come with forks and plates for you to have dinner without having to buy a china set!