Friday, July 4, 2008

Security Company in Sunset Park Employs Fireworks and Cocaine Hoarders

Someone at the Brooklyn Eagle was in a hurry to get this article on-line; it has a some major errors/typos. (Isn't today - Friday - the 4th?) Maybe they''ll be fixed soon. Despite that, it makes for interesting reading, and it reiterates the favorite sentiment of police officers around this time: Boo on Illegal Fireworks! (And at all times: Boo on Illegal Narcotics!)

Basically, these guys live in, and store their wares in, Bay Ridge, but they work for a security company in Sunset Park (and perhaps sell their wares here, too?). Considering their shirts, it's probably the creatively named Maximum Security Systems on 54th Street. They sound like the kind of guys you do not want installing and monitoring your security system.

The estimate was that the fireworks had a street value of $3,000; they don't mention how much 12 grams of cocaine is going for these days. Perhaps the assumption is that it was for personal use. Will that lower the charges?

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