Monday, August 11, 2008

Former SRO Tagged with Signage and Paint

The corner of 7th Avenue and 43rd Street (directly across 43rd from PS 169) has been an eyesore for a while. It has had SRO status for a long, long time, and it has been affectionately referred to as "That Crack House" for several years. It's been quiet for a while...a long while. Back in January of 2007 an application was filed to convert the SRO to a six family dwelling. But the most recent application/approval for work was back in November of 2007. The building has stood, fairly quiet and unmolested, for many months.

However, a week or so ago, these ominous signs turned up on both the 43rd Street and 7th Avenue sides of the building. Not terribly encouraging.

The signs remained quite pristine until this weekend. Now this building has been re-baptised (old graffiti had been removed/covered) by amateur graffiti artists. There was some silver graffiti on the ground that included a three-pointed crown, and considering the various arrows and such around, we can safely call this gang graffiti and probably Latin King graffiti. Or an attempt at it.
The graffiti extended to my favorite non-construction site at 713 43rd Street as well. (See below.) Still nothing going on there, although the stop-work order has become a partial stop-work order. Nothing like abandoned buildings and empty lots to encourage nefarious goings-on. Gotta love that it's right next door to PS 169. LOVE that.


Anonymous said...

Each mark is a signature. Quite likely you can see the authors if you return in the evening hours. I remember trying in vain to explain this to my chinese neighbors when tags started appearing on their stoop. The poor people were pretty shocked when a huge gang of teenagers suddenly materialized in the PM hours, drinking, dealing, and carrying on. You've got to clean that stuff off, asap.

If you want to meet the Latin Kings, and the political leadership of SP, do attend the three kings festival in the winter. Sarah Gonzales will be helping the Gang distribute toys to a bunch of frightened 4 year olds at the grade school. It was perhaps one of the most humourous/appalling things I have seen in SP, and should give you a lot of insight into why SP is and remains the way it is.

Anonymous said...

Gang activity is widespread through out NYC. This is not a problem specific to Sunset Park. Besides, this is an NYPD problem, not community board problem. "Why SP is and remains the way it is [sic]" makes no sense. Anywhere you find abandoned buildings, you will find the problems currently exhibited at this site. Urban planning 101. Fix the site, and you'll fix the problem.

BestViewInBrooklyn said...

Hey there Anonymous 2:

I totally agree with you about it not being an issue just for SP. Gangs are, and have been, a problem all over for a long time.

However, I don't agree that it's something that only the NYPD should deal with. As you said, upkeep of property IS something the CB can address. It's also something residents can address. Calling 311 to report graffiti, and specifically mentioning that it's gang-related will get attention fairly quickly.

We can hardly expect the police to do it on their own. If the people who live in a neighborhood don't show concern, gangs (and other unwelcome activities) will flourish.