Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Very Specific Grocery Store: "Delicious Healthy Vegetarian Food"

UPDATE: Looks like this place went the way of ethics in real estate. Too bad. I really liked those spring rolls.

Need some Veggie Bacon? Veggie Miso Broiled Eel? How about some Veggie Lobster Balls? Well, this is the place to come for all things Vegetarian that imitate fish and meat. There's even a Veggie Mutton on the menu list. It's located at 4915 7th Avenue, and its name really is Delicious Healthy Vegetarian Food. Let's hear it for clarity.

For the more conventional, there are frozen vegetarian spring rolls (really good), ten for $1.99. There are also selections like pineapple cake, cup of noodles, green tea cookies, and Poland Spring water. The small bottles sell for just 50 cents...that's a savings of 50 cents from down the block! They also have aloe and other selections in the cooler.

Now, not everyone is a fan of the "imitation" culture in vegan and vegetarian food choices. Despite carrying seitan shaped into a duck (complete with head), there are also less animal-like choices of protein available.

This place is relatively new (a couple of months) to 7th Avenue, and this was the first time I managed to stop in. It's very clean, and well organized. They supply several restaurants, and it seems like that's where most of the income is generated. However, with the friendly and helpful people behind the counter (at least on Monday), it will probably pick up.

They are open at 9:30 AM every day, and they close at 7:30 PM every day except Tuesday. On Tuesdays they close at 5:30 PM.


Steven Baird said...

I've never noticed this place. Thanks for pointing it out.

tbrunner said...

I really love this place. A word of warning, though, don't eat an entire box of pineapple cakes by yourself...

Heather said...

Very excited to hear about this place! Can't wait to check it out!

Lohner said...

Hi, I'm new to Sunset Park and went looking for this place and couldn't find it. Does it still exist?

BestViewInBrooklyn said...

Good question, Lohner. I haven't been in several months. I'll try to remember to look for it specifically next time I'm on 49th and 7th Avenue.

Let me know if you find it!