Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Get Yourself Some Chimichurri Goodness

The Village Voice serves up more food options for the evening hours. If you don't feel like tostadas in the park or pozole from a neighbor, check out the carts that offer chimichurris, tacos, skewers, elotes, and even lots of little sausages. The article is worth a read, even though my vegetarian self appreciated the use of "zaftig" and the mention of Rosa's Elotes more than the chimichurri worship. The article provides both descriptions of the food (in case you were mixing up chimichurri with cuchifrito) and locations of the carts. Enjoy.

As always, the teacher/mom/resident/anti-litter-bug in me reminds everyone to properly dispose of the paper products (and any uneaten portions of your meal) in a trash bin that isn't already overflowing. (Ever notice how people tend to think that a good intention is good enough? Bad aim is followed by a shrug which means: "At least I tried" and placing a piece of trash on top of an already mountainous pile of garbage in a bin is performing a civic duty? Come on, you KNOW it's going to end up on the street eventually. Is it going to kill anyone to carry a cup or plate or whatever another block?)

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