Friday, August 8, 2008

Light Industry hosts Public Opinion Laboratory

First thing: This photograph apparently has nothing to do with the performance on Tuesday, but it came attached to the email. Besides, considering the strange preamble to the announcement for this event, I'm inclined to doubt what is said about the image. And I like how it looks. It was photographed by Brook Sietsinsons. Enjoy.

This Tuesday will be a two-pronged affair. The first presentation by the Public Opinion Laboratory is All Magic Sands: Reels 1+2 featuring LAMP/LICHT (which is an even more interesting name if you know German). It sounds like it's kind of an artsy version of Lost, except with a younger bunch of people. Maybe Lost meets Lord of the Flies? Check it out.

The second installment features Our Dream Deferred by Andrew Lampert (the LAMP of LAMP/LICHT).

Check out for more detail, including the "letter" to the folks who run Light Industry. As always, shows are Tuesdays at 8 PM, and they are $6 at the door.

Light Industry
55 33rd Street, 3rd Floor

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emily said...

I wanna go Tuesday you?