Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Litter Bugs from the Department of Sanitation

I know this goes under nit-picky, but come on, do you have to add to the trash while you're on the job?These two guys were enjoying an early lunch in the cab of their sanitation truck while parked on 44th by Sunset Park. Usually I like to see people who decide to turn off their trucks relaxing and enjoying our park. Today, however, the guy in the driver's seat decided to toss some of his used napkins out the door. Why? He didn't throw out the styrofoam tray, so why the napkins? Perhaps there was some leftover treat in the tray that he wanted to save for later.

The beautiful irony, of course, is that both sides of the truck say "Don't Litter" in clearly labeled black on white lettering. (I know, the photo doesn't show it well, but I think the guys in the truck have seen it a few times.) Maybe we need to add a "Pretty Please" to the imperative to make it more effective.

Just because you don't live in a neighborhood, gentlemen, doesn't mean you treat it like your personal garbage bin. We have plenty of residents to take care of that for us.

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