Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Then and Now: 44th Street Looking Towards 4th Avenue

This photo was taken in 1952 on 44th Street. The two story building on the left side of the photo was torn down a few years ago to make way for the new Lutheran Medical Center's Sunset Gardens. This was one construction project that didn't seem to have too many complaints about it. (Unlike the new condos on 42nd Street that ruined several 43rd Street backyards.)

The lack of trees in 1952 allows us to see the types of cars that parked on the street. Very cool. A photo from the same vantage point at the 1952 photo shows just car doors and treetops, so I settled for the same area but a different point of view.

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Steven Baird said...

Also, the new condos on 42nd street are waaaaaaay overpriced. I went to the open house one Sunday just to see what was up. The layouts are poor, the apartments feel cheap, and the only one that seemed halfway decent was a one bedroom on the top floor for $380,000!!!! Not to mention the hideous parking spots in the back that should have been used for a garden or something communal. Maybe they'll sell though. They seem to be aimed at upscale Asian buyers, even though it's a bit of a walk to Chinatown.