Friday, August 22, 2008

Update on Some 6th Avenue Construction

It's been a while since the new building on 6th and 54th has gotten any attention, so here's a tidbit. It took a long time for the empty post-demolition space to take shape, but now you can't see through to the next set of buildings. There are even some doors and the beginnings of (tiny) balconies.
An interesting choice is the decorative grating on the top of the building. Trimmed in red brick, it lends a certain unique look to the building. It really stands out! I wonder what kind of roof deck this will have. Oh, and I want to apologize for implying that the building was a Fedders Building. It's clearly a Friedrich Building.

On 46th and 6th, this corner lot has been rapidly growing. Just two months ago, there was nothing but a yummy looking construction fence. Now the construction workers are rising above the second floor.


Big D said...

Those are the worst balcony doors ever. Jeez. Could each of those floors contain two separate units or is one door from the living room, and another from the bedroom? As for the decorative railing above, wow, just wow. I don't know the block but judging from the building on the right, it looks like this one was lost a while ago. This building reminds me of one closer to me, between 4th and 5th (cant remember if its 45, 46, or 47. Same brick color, same ugly first floor retail.

On a different note, enjoy the blog and I appreciate your desire for comment moderation but are the word verifications really needed? Were you getting a lot of spam?

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