Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Brooklyn's Babywearing Meeting Returns to Sunset Park

Brooklyn's Babywearing Meeting for September will be in Sunset Park on September 10th from 2 PM - 4 PM. They'll be meeting in the grassy area in front of the flagpole, facing the East River.

Sunset Park can be reached by the R train to the 45th Street stop or the N or D trains at the 36th Street stop, and by the B63 bus on 5th Avenue. The meeting is free and open to all interested in babywearing.

Visit www.slingsinthecity.com for more babywearing info.


Anonymous said...

You'll see plenty of this if you walk 8th ave; the Chinese don't use those awful baby SUV's like what they do in Pork Slop. It's less a fashion statement and more common sense. Baby vs livery cab at the intersection is no contest.

BestViewInBrooklyn said...

Interestingly, the babywearing meetings are usually in Prospect Park. There are plenty of people all over who wear their babies as well as or in place of using a stroller. I think you'll find lots of strollers on 8th Avenue as well.

Sadly, the attitudes of those who wish to be negative (walking on our 5th Ave is just as insane as walking in Park Slope's 5th Ave) tend to take over comment boards and the general airwaves.

People tend to find it easier to be negative than understanding.

Anonymous said...

Actually, no, I don't ever remember seeing a carriage on 8th Ave ( although I'm sure there were one or two ). Basically, if the baby is too small to walk, it gets a papoose. Often it's grandma doing the lugging; those old chinese women are _tough_. I guess you'd have to be to have survived the cultural revolution.

Plenty of carriages on 5th though, the latino women like them as much as the europeans. It's hard to carry a child, but much safer than the SUV shaped things. Plus a lot more charming, and soothing to the child. Hopefully they can get the trend going with the slopies.

Vanessa said...

Anonymous, I am afraid you are not looking very hard. Perhaps not looking at all since most folks are looking for something other than strollers. There are a lot of strollers on 8th. In fact it may even be equal to the wraps. As for the Latino women, they wear wraps as well. A double stroller is not as easy to find and more bulky to store in an apartment.

Park Slopers want what is best for the child but balance it with what is in fashion. That sounds like anywhere, quite frankly.