Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sunset Park Festival is Back!

Get ready for our local street fair! From 11 AM through 6 PM on Sunday, September 14th 5th Avenue will be full of food, music, rides, crafts, and lots of stuff to buy. It stretches from 44th Street to 59th Street, so take a pleasant (if crowded and loud) walk some time during the day.

Two stages (44th and 54th Streets) will have music and dancing. Also, the blow-up rides will be on 45th Street to entertain the kiddies. The Children's Museum will bring reptiles, the Library will bring books, and the FDNY will bring the fire and smoke house that was in the Park over the summer. Children can get ID kits, everyone can check out the Transit Authority's vintage bus, and lots of local community services will share information and sign up volunteers/members. If you get there early, you can even score a hula hoop in honor of the 60th Anniversary of the circular toy.

My personal leaning is to support the really local businesses for food and fun rather than the vendors who come to every street fair and sell the same stuff. But hey, it's your cash.

The Sunset Park Business Improvement District sponsors the festival, and you can see photos of last year's Festival here.

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Anonymous said...

The BID sees this festival as a means of the business community giving back to the residents. They pick up the bill for free rides, free popcorn, and a host of other free things. This year, the BID cut the price for the local businesses to rent a spot by they are hoping to get many more local businesses involved. While the BID represents the 500+ businesses, it can't force them to do things, the BID is kind of, the collective conscience of the stores.

this might be the last year of the festival, the director is talking about leaving this year.