Thursday, September 18, 2008

Industry City Creative Work Spaces Highlights a Different Group of "Food Finds"

Industry City has space for rent, and the Industry City Creative Work Spaces folks have you covered with their newly-booted website. You can check out the rest of their website/blog for information about work spaces in Industry City (rents go from $1100 to $3300 -with water views) here.

However, I'm much more interested in the simple things. The kind of simple things I found in their latest entry: Food Finds. What I like about this version of Sunset Park's food is that it gets off of 5th and 8th Avenue and checks out places that wouldn't otherwise get attention. From the sound of it, these places deserve the highlight. Cakes, lasagna, breakfasts, calzones, and even wraps are mentioned. All good things.

The prices mentioned are pretty enticing as well. With the economy tanking, it's worth a look.

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