Monday, September 1, 2008

Light Industry Presents Video and Film by K8 Hardy

This Tuesday's show will be films and videos by K8 Hardy - some are recent and some are from as far back as the Nineties!

Themes include the objectification of female bodies, the plundered aesthetics of 70s lesbian imagery (for a music video), corporate architecture's effect on one person's movements, and a Super-8 piece called Ants in her Pants - an experimental piece about the energy and style of a "young and queer generation."

The video/film pieces will be followed by a post-show discussion between K8 Hardy and Ulrike Müller. For more detail, see Light Industry's description.

As always, tickets are $6 at the door. And the door, which is at 55 33rd Street - on the 3rd floor - opens for the 8 PM show.


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