Monday, September 1, 2008

Then and Now: PS 94

PS 94 was once called the Henry Wadsworth Longfellow School, but in 2007 its name was changed to the more utilitarian School of Diverse Languages and Cultures. Appropriate enough, since it is the only school in Brooklyn with a dual-language Chinese program (it also has a dual-language Spanish program). Check out more current information about the school here. Somehow, however, it's a bit depressing to think about names changing; I guess history is lost to many cultures when progress attacks.

The above photograph is from January of 1908. It has weathered its centennial well, and despite losing some decorative elements under the fifth floor windows, it looks shockingly similar. The trees in front of the school are new, obviously, and the window gates on the first floor protect the children and equipment from escape.

I'm looking forward to casting my vote for the next United States President in this building.


Hinda said...

hmmm it is the quality of what is in the building not a facade... Perhaps a study of Longfellow has been long overdo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! was called ???H Feldman

Hinda said...

well, the facade well.... is it that important..or is it the cintent once you enter the building...and was the Longfellow school? Perhaps a study of Longfellow's works would give meaning to that word was!!!!
H Feldman

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed looking at your photos.I can still remember the inside of P.S.94. I am sure that it has changed too.I was a student from 1964-1970. All my siblings attended. The most important thing to remember is that things change. As long as those who are teaching love what they do, this generation will come away with the necessary tools to go to on and make dreams come true. I live in Fl now, but my Bayridge roots are deep. Keep posting. Fondly, BrooklynBay

Anonymous said...

My father graduated in 1925. Still have the diploma.