Thursday, October 30, 2008

NYT Highlights Sunset in Places to Eat on Marathon Day

Thanks to an observant NYT reader and neighbor! Check out the link to a few places to try out if you're planning on watching the marathon along 4th Avenue. Three eateries in Sunset Park were mentioned. None of them ON 4th Avenue (Sorry Eclipse!), and two of them are a good distance from 4th Avenue. Still, if it encourages people to stray farther into Sunset, why not.

Numbers 4, 5, and 6 on the list are in Sunset: Thanh Da I on 60th and 7th Avenue is good for soups and apple milkshakes, Yun Nan Flavour Snack on 49th and 8th Avenue also has soups for a blustery day. El Tesoro on 40th and 5th Avenue has its seafood fried rice mentioned as well as its cinnamon hot milk. (It's good!)

If you want something more sit-down, 5th Avenue and 4th Avenue are chock-full of choices. The new Lechonera on the corner of 5th and 46th (?) has loads of options, Tacos Matamoros, Tacos Nuevo Mexico, Tacos Xochimilco, and Maria's will satisfy Mexican cravings. What's the name of the place off of 4th Avenue and up a few steps on 45th? Great quesadillas! Johnny's up in the 50's will take care of comfort food needs, and there are loads of other options to check out. I'm sure the carts will be plentiful as well. If you want sweets, check out Generoso's or La Gran Via. Good stuff.

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Anonymous said...

The staff at the New Lechonera are very unfriendly, bordering on rude. Makes me wonder whether the place is run by the mafia :).